Write 3 pages thesis on the topic current events and us diplomacy.

Write 3 pages thesis on the topic current events and us diplomacy. The members started enjoying greater freedom as a result of change of policy of the Russian. Remarkably lessening of the two countries tension after cordial atmosphere of the informal discussions between them had been reached. The U.S in October and November 1956 did not support or help the Hungarian rioters, nor the British and French attack on Egypt, thus the relationship improved. By 1960, peaceful coexistence had improved between the countries. The demands for putting up military bases in Turkey, offering economic support, prompted U.S to declare the Truman Doctrine in 1947, and that is when the relationship of the two countries started. Americans provided security to Turkey and economic support plus a large scale of U.S military there. The mutual interest in containing Soviet expansion made the relationship grow, and this resulted into Turkey becoming a multi party democracy. The relationship has again made Turkey join NATO, provide military in Korean War, and cooperate with U.S allies in Middle East. Turkey provided military base and received funding from the U.S for military activities. U.S also supported Turkish economy by pushing for International Monetary Fund (IMF) program to help Turkey, and did not criticize Turkey human rights allegations and the Kurdish problem (Dumbrell, 2007). The U.S has maintained a relationship with Turkey for strategic interests. including the longstanding competition with the Soviet Union, economic interests. particularly accessing the Middle East oil, strong cultural ties that bind the Turkish Americans, American Jews, Arab Americans, and Iranian Americans. The U.S has used diplomatic, economic, and military power in support of these interests. The current relationship the U.S and Turkey did come to test over the United State’s instigation war actions against Iraq. Northern Iraq acts as the haven for Kurdish terrorist organization thus Turkey is against the, as by destabilizing Iraq, the Kurds can claim their independence from Turkey and other Middle East countries which have a sizable number of Kurdish populations. However, bilateral relationship between the two allies continued through diplomatic, humanitarian and indirect military support. The U.S also does share several international organizations with Turkey, and has been actively involved in pushing for Turkish membership to European Union. The two countries also started to cooperate on peaceful usage of nuclear energy for the exchange of skills, material, reactors and mechanism for nuclear research, and creation in Turkey for an initial period of fifteen years (Dumbrell, 2007). To avoid derailing diplomatic progress, the U.S president visited Turkey and met with their President, where they committed to the partnership between the two nations. Initially it was like just a military relationship for the partnership in security issues in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Balkans, Black Sea, Caucuses and Middle East besides the global financial crisis. The U.S has further offered Turkish troops to Afghanistan and Pakistan secure transport, and equipment from the port of Iskenderun during the pulling out of US troops from Iraq, and the pro –Kurdish terrorists working in south-eastern Turkey and northern Iraq. The U.

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