Write 7 pages with APA style on Tourism is only about the pursuit of pleasure. South East European Journal of Economics & Business.

Write 7 pages with APA style on Tourism is only about the pursuit of pleasure. South East European Journal of Economics & Business. In the past decades, there is a continuous development of how individuals allocate their free time on leisure activities and trips. Leisure time is what separates an individual’s life from work or school activities, mainly focusing on the purpose to enjoy. In most cases, leisure time is allocated during holiday and vacation dates wherein people travel. Tourism is defined as the utilization of leisure time to travel and visit various destinations. It is an activity in which people participate in, but is not considered a necessity for daily living. There is also an evident growth worldwide in regards to economic development in various countries. In accordance to its economical contributions, governments perceive tourism as a channel that offers employment opportunities. In regards to the leisure aspect, it has also defines an individual’s quality of life, as it enables one to bask in a more suitable ambiance of relaxation away from daily activities at work and home. Perez, E.A. (2000). Tourist expenditure for mass tourism markets. Annals of Tourism Research. Tourism is both viewed as a right and an opportunity. The notion of tourism becoming an individual’s right is associated with holiday privileges that usually encourage and promote tourism. The opportunity aspect is associated with less privileged nations who employ tourism strategies. Traveling in a global scale has been made easier due to better rates in airlines and tourism packages. People using money on facultative services like travel and tourism has been perceived as an inexpensive commodity as compared to other household allocations. Farrell, B. and Twining-Ward, L. (2004). Reconceptualizing tourism. Annals of Tourism Research. The emergence of credit cards have fortified the convenience of participating in travel opportunities. Apart from that, the development in technology has also made booking flights and hotel reservations easier and faster. In this regard, tourism continues to be integrated in peoples’ lives as an activity one can engage in. Wang, N. (1999). Rethinking authenticity in tourism experience. Annals of Tourism Research. Tourism is now deemed as a social construct that modified society from traditional industries of production and manufacturing, into consumer centric based services. Many countries have also taken part in increasing leisure time through holiday entitlements, so that they may be able to involve themselves with leisure activities such as tourism. Wang (1999) had conceptualized a framework that embodies the system applied in tourism that encompasses the tourist, a destination and transportation. It is a cycle wherein a tourist visits a certain destination and returns after a period of time. During travels, people also engage in tours that allow them to visit localities in their area of destination. Bruner, E. (1991). Transformation of self in tourism. Annals of Tourism Research. In evaluating tourism, one must consider the following: (1) The purpose of the travel, which can be celebration, annual visits, business or holiday purposes. (2) The duration of the tourism activity. and the (3) projected situations during the tourism visit. The purposes of travel or tourism visit can vary, but it all falls under the motive of pleasure.


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