write an article on Art History the Mourning of Christ by Giotto. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Art History the Mourning of Christ by Giotto. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Other two figures surrounding Christ are depicted from behind and it is impossible to see if they are men or women. Maria Magdalena holds legs of Christ. We can assume that it is she only because of her red hair. Other five figures are in the middle of the painting. The central figure of this group is a young man with the short haircut and he looks very young. He leans toward Christ and stretches his arms to him as if he wants to embrace him. His face reflects sorrow and grief. Other two men from this group are calm and their sorrow is very deep inside because they look like detached viewers of this tragic scene. There is also another group of mourning people in the left part of the painting.

The picture is divided into two main parts upper and lower by a sharp mountain edge. In the upper part of the painting we can see 10 angels flying high in the blue sky, or if to say more exactly, are caught up in emotional explosions of sorrow.

Generally, Giotto’s painting expresses a mood of sadness. He uses different devices providing his viewers with possibilities to look at deep space of the painting. He uses foreshortening and it looks like there is a lot of space in this painting. Pastel colours used by the artist create an atmosphere of motion in the painting, or fixed moments of motion if to be more exact. Soft clothing in the lower part of the painting is contrasted with sharp forms of the mountain in the middle of it (Lamentation).

Giotto’s new devices belong to the techniques of the Early Renaissance. His painting is 3-dimensional, full of symbols and allegoric meanings (Lamentation). His manner of contrasting human and divine worlds can be seen in the exact depiction of human clothing and angelic images. In such a way Giotto clearly shows that he delimits human and divine worlds.

In “The mourning of Christ” depicts Giotto made an emphasis on mother’s sorrow at Christ.&nbsp.

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