write an article on business planning and development Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! 106).

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on business planning and development Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! 106). Personal Mission Statement Going by my current attitude towards leadership, my mission is to develop the abilities and skills like patience, positivity, perseverance, communication skills and cultural literacy, which I already possess and which can further be refined and polished that will allow me to set an example before the people and teams I lead so as to steer my business towards the acquisition of success, profitability and sustainability. I already do possess much strength that will help me emerge to be as an astute business leader. I have refined communication skills and an immense ability for listening to others (Glaser 2007, p. 236). I have a vision the pursuance of which I believe will lead to a viable and profitable business success (Koestenbaum 2002, p. 188). I possess a reasonable measure of cultural literacy and hence I am comfortable leading teams comprising of individuals hailing from diverse backgrounds. I am affiliated to a participative or democratic style of leadership and I believe in seeking inputs from my team members regarding the incumbent business problems and challenges, before I take the final decision (Miner 2002, p. 279). In addition I believe in being a transformational leader who believes in retaining a high level of communication with varied team members, so as to keep them motivated and to achieve high levels of productivity and profitability through maintaining a high visibility and through appropriate and deft communication (Riggio, Murphy & Pirozzolo 2002). Over the next six months I intend to achieve a firm grounding in the theoretical aspects of business and I also intend to attain the salient skills that will help me emerge to be a successful entrepreneur in the times to come. I believe that gaining a firm grounding in the theoretical and skill aspects of business goes a long way in assuring business and entrepreneurial success. In the pursuant 2 to 3 years I intend to work as a management professional in some reputed and big firm. This will not only refine my business acumen and skills, but will also allow me to have a firsthand experience in the actual running and management of a viable business. After that I intend to use my savings to launch a corporation of my own. I believe that financial independence is the real measure of the amount of freedom that an individual affords (Fletcher 2006). To be a success, it is important to engage in work that one loves to do. However, not all aspects of an individual’s work tend to be interesting. Thereby, gaining financial independence will give to me the freedom to engage in things that I do of my own volition and am not forced to do or that I must do. Over the years I intend to build a personal investment portfolio that will allow me to gain financial independence at the earliest (Kiyosaki 2009). In that context, my annual budget, once I proceed on my course to achieve financial independence will be somewhat like this: Expenses and Liabilities Utilities, Mortgage, Real Property Taxes, Insurance, Maintenance GB Pounds 14,000 GB Pounds Assets Income from Business, Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds , Income Generating Real Estate, Notes (IOUs), Royalties from Intellectual Property Total Annual Income 75000-14000= 75,000 61,000 (Reinvested) To gain financial independence I intend to configure a diversified investment portfolio rather than putting all my eggs in one basket (Kiyosaki 2009).

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