Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: Perform to Serve (PTS).

Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: Perform to Serve (PTS). The research is also aimed at making recommendation for improvement of performances in our navy forces. Although the proposed research project is aimed at the navy forces, result from the research studies can be adopted across the different forces in the military. The research project will mainly concentrate on the management problems affecting members of the navy forces particularly those that are related to sustainability of experience. Secondly, the project is aimed at establishing the relationship between induced management criteria and self-taught management criteria. Thirdly, the project will analyze the impacts Fleet RIDE-PTS (FR-PTS) on sailors. Thus, the project will be concerned with the long-term implication of the program on sailors. Finally, the project will analyze changes in the behaviors of our sailors and their family in relation to economical changes. The main aim of the proposed project is to asses the impacts of PTS program on members of the navy forces. The study will be stretched to cover the long-term impacts of the program on the sailor’s family members. Secondly, the project will analyze the positive impacts of the program on sailors by looking on its long-term implication on their military training and service in the navy. Finally, the project will seek to make recommendations on the best management practices that need to be adopted in the navy. Hypothesis H0: more than 70% of navy officer recommend PTS as critical to their training. H1. Sailors in the ranks E3-E6 with less than 14 years of service are likely to enroll in the program. Literature Review The PTS program is a dream among most service men and women. however, the program is a source of ethical dilemma. According to Linton and Lawrence (2010), the program is a major source of ethical dilemmas to the US navy. The author focuses on the program as a boundary between military service and ordinary life. In the article, the authors access the issue using age and pay grade as the main criteria of determining the impacts of the pts program. Although the PTS program is essential for members of the U.S. naval forces, the program needs to be restructured to fit the required standards. Wide consultation from officials of all ranks would be essential through the consultation process. Beginning in March of 2003, the Navy decided to implement a new procedure called Perform to Serve (PTS) (NAVADMIN, 2003). PTS is a performance based program designed to keep the top achieving Sailors and allow Sailors in overmanned ratings the opportunity to convert into undermanned ratings for which they qualify (Lyden, 2011). The process would involve those sailors who had been enlisted for their first enlistment period or whose job was within the three different Career Reenlistment Objectives (CREO) to be forced to separate the military. Since 2003, the Navy has revised this policy eight times, making it difficult for sailors to continue their service (Administrative Message, 2003). The article gives precise description of the PTS program and its impacts on navy officials. In addition, the article concentrates on the first reaction and encounters of members of the navy forces with the PTS program.


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