which way, natural selection or intelligent design

I need some assistance with these assignment. which way, natural selection or intelligent design Thank you in advance for the help! Looking from the position of the ontological complexity, the two ideas include the existence of the different forms of life, however, in the case with the intelligent design the designer and the material employed in the design&nbsp.have to be included (Muggy 1). In addition, a problem arises regarding the intelligent designer origin. Since, this creator has a greater capability and more complexity than even the capabilities of the current human beings. This poses a question, are humans supposed to be designed? However, in regards of the dynamic complexity of a human life, both theories tend to agree on the reproductive capabilities of all the organisms, though this is not very clear in the intelligent design theory. On the other hand, the natural selection implies that there is a biological process which accounts for the observed similarities amongst offsprings and their parent organisms (Roderick 1). Indeed, it is easier to believe this since this phenomenon can be observed in many of the organisms, this further implies that there should be a particular activity that allows such functioning. However, the intelligent design theory postulates the presence of the design processes which are outside of whatever goes on during the reproduction. In regards to the explanatory power, the evolutionary theory also takes the lead. Due to the fossil records, the gaps between the species are completed. Indeed, fossils point out at the transitional period which a particular organism passes to another state as indicated in the Charles Darwin theory. However, the intelligent design does not account for the transitional fossils, thus, with the discovery of more fossils, the weaknesses of the intelligent design are laid bare.

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