research paper on general beauregard and his early life leading up to the civil war. Needs to be 5 pages.

Need an research paper on general beauregard and his early life leading up to the civil war. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. During the first four years, after moving to New York, he learnt English as a second language, starting at the age of 12 years. After leaving school, he joined the US military academy at West Point, where he learnt a lot to do with the military and war (Eicher and Eicher 37-42). One of his instructors at the military academy was Robert Anderson, who was later appointed as the commander for Fort Sumter, and left the position for Beauregard after the start of the Civil War. While at the military academy, Beauregard dropped his first name, and started using Beauregard as his first name, and Tounant as his middle name. After his term at the military academy, he graduated at second position from the 1838 class, earning distinction as a military engineer and an artilleryman. Beauregard’s early years in Army career covered his service as an engineer under the command of General Scott, where he was appointed as the brevet captain, for the battles of Churubusco and Contreras. he was also appointed as a major during the Chapultepec. He was among the first soldiers to move into Mexico City, but returned in 1848 (Eicher and Eicher 37-42). After his return, he spent 12 years he engaged in the Mississippi and Lake Defenses, while working on the construction of new and in the repair of forts along the Florida Coast and Alabama. Beauregard’s impact during the Civil War Beauregard’s presence and participation in the civil war was massive. His engagement started after he moved from New York to New Orleans, where he started offering advice on military operations to the local authorities of the area. The advice he offered included that on the need to strengthen different forts, which would secure the area from Mississippi attacks (Eicher and Eicher 37-42). After the appointment of Braxton Bragg as the commander, he was offered the post of a colonel, but preferred working as a private for the Orleans Guards. Later, he was appointed to head Charleston’s defenses, and due to his qualifications as a military engineer and a leader, he was appointed as the first general officer in charge of the Confederate states. He also worked as a brigadier general with the transitional army of the Confederate states in 1861, and was later ousted to the post of a full general. While working at the different roles at the different areas, Beauregard facilitated the operations of the confederate states and also commanded major military activities. After his arrival at Charleston in 1861, he caused one of the most memorable victories, after his men made the first hits that marked the culmination of the civil war, forcing Anderson to surrender Fort Sumter on April 14. Following the successful attack, he received a heroic treatment, and for that matter, was placed in charge of Alexandria’s line, to guard against the federal offensive that was expected from Brig’s forces. During the first Bull Run battle, he was working together with McDowell, and after the success of the multi-force excursions, he was acclaimed for his input and was recommended for promotion to the post of a full general. After the success of the attacks, he played a key role, together with William Miles in the creation of the Confederate Battle flag, which made the flag the confederation’s most popular symbol (Eicher and Eicher 37-42). Beauregard played a critical role in the planning of the surprise attack staged against Grant’s Army, nearly ending in victory.

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