writing homework on Human Resource Management Assignment 1. Write a 2500 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Human Resource Management Assignment 1. Write a 2500 word paper answering; The emphasis is on doing right things at the right time instead of the earlier concept of sweating it out at the workplace without considering whether an effort is channelized in the right direction so that overall corporate goal is achieved at minimum effort. This approach is also known as Hard HRM where human resource is considered as another resource that has to be acquired at lowest expense, used sparingly and trained in such a manner that they become maximum productive (Daily News (Colombo, Sri Lanka), 2011). Answer 3 The first problem with soft approach to human resource management is that it is rather difficult to quantify the tenets of such an approach as all the aspects are more descriptive rather than quantitative. The second problem is it does not specify the exact actions that need to be taken to achieve the stated objectives thus managers tend to get confused about the desired course of action. The third problem is that this model by excessively adopting a ‘collectivist approach’ dilutes the basic decision making activity of management which might result in loss of direction and chaos in an organization. The first problem with hard approach to human resource management is that it is not concerned with the societal and psychological issues of human resource. This results in a strictly regimented workplace where employees do as they are told which thwarts innovativeness and imagination among employees. The second problem is that if such an approach is adopted in a knowledge based organization it would surely face increased labor turnover. The third problem is organizations adopting hard approach are seldom able to adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace which has become the trend in modern days (Bratton & Gold, 2001). Answer 4 In modern day cutthroat competition in marketplace it is imperative for every organization to have an effective human resource management policy in place to continually stave off competitors while retaining cost sensitive and efficient operations. HRM plays a significant role in this effort of an organization by extracting the best out of employees. It must be admitted that human resource happens to be costliest asset of every organization as human resource is capable of not only self improvement and development but is also gifted with innovative capabilities, and, who can deny that in present day market scenario where every other competitor has nearly similar access to resources, innovation is the only way to stay ahead. This also raises another very important issue. An effectively administered human resource management policy reduces conflicts in workplace and builds up an ambience of harmony that is again conducive to fostering commitment by workers to their workplace. Such a committed team of workers can be motivated without much effort on the part of the human resource managers. And, a motivated workforce goes out of their way to ensure that the organization they love, adore and are proud to be a part of becomes a market leader (Chung, Jung, Baek, & Lee, 2008).

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