writing homework on Sleep Deprivation the effects it has on adolescent obesity.

Need help with my writing homework on Sleep Deprivation the effects it has on adolescent obesity. Write a 1500 word paper answering; What many people assume about the condition is that it is mainly caused by excessive eating, lack of exercise and also the influence of genetics. What most people assume is that there is also the possibility of people becoming obese due to lack of proper sleep (Kiess, 2004).&nbsp. This is a factor that is common among scientists and also among researchers but is unknown to the general public. It is important that individuals come to know the importance of sleep in maintaining their health and also ensuring that they remain healthy at all times. The specific aims of this research is to bring closure and make people understand that it is imperative to get abundance of sleep since it causes a condition which many view and mistake as a disease. The general purpose of this study is to show that there are ways in which the condition can be maintained and also controlled. This research might bring scientists and researchers closer to finding the ultimate way to end the condition. Most of the adolescents who suffer from obesity face rejection by their peers. they view themselves as unable to fit in with the other adolescents their age. They do not consider themselves as part of the younger generation. Some o them even give up trying to lose weight and in their own way fond other methods to increase their weight because they have come to accept their own health states. With this research, they will be competent to make a difference in their lives. This research will open a door for them to try losing weight.


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