Assignment #3 – Total Rewards

Assignment Instructions:approximate time commitment 90 minutesthis assignment is worth 120 pointsthis assignment closes to late responses after 3 days (10% penalty per day)provide a well thought out response of 1000-1500 words drawing on information from the required textbook and two additional internet sourcesparaphrase only, no direct quotesprovide an organized logical progression of thoughtuse correct grammar, punctuation, sentence structurethis has a file upload submission with VeriCite enabled for plagiarism detectionprovide correct citations and references for all sourcesensure sources selected help to demonstrate understanding of the content learned in module 4Assignment Response: Provide a response to the following integrated essays.Essay 1: Describe a total reward philosophy and explain why a total reward approach to benefit program and compensation design is strategically important to employers.Essay 2: Explain how compensation philosophy and benefit selection impacts employer branding, recruiting, and retention.Essay 3: Conduct internet research focusing on Total Rewards with regard to either compensation philosophy, discretionary benefits, or HR metrics. Provide a reflection of how total rewards supports the strategic HR role within an organization as well as the organization’s competitive advantage.Written RequirementsMS word documentAPA layouttitle pagebody of the paperreference page1000-1500 wordsuse page breaksone inch margins all arounddouble space all text – no extra double spacesAPA citations and referencesparaphrase only, no direct quotesAPA formattingseparate headings for each major topic-headings and subheadingstext Times New Roman, black, 12 point font

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