Implement Phase.

DUE: 11.29.14(This Saturday) @ 11:59PMIn this Assignment, through the development of pilot studies and contingency plans, youwill engage in developing the following professional competencies:● Write an action planThe Implement phase is the phase where all the designed and developed processimprovements are executed. The execution of the implementation can make or break aproject, regardless of its perfection in design. In this Assignment, you will apply three of theImplement phase steps to your project.In this Assignment, you are going to evaluate the Supporting business process based on criteriadetailed below.For this Assignment, write a paper that answers the following questions (use thesubheadings/numbered questions below to organize your paper):Question 1 – Implementation StrategiesEvaluate the suitability of the four implementation strategies discussed in step 2 for yourproject(see attachment below).● For each strategy explain the specific pros and cons of using it for your project.● Select the one you think will work the best in your situation. Explain how you wouldexecute this strategy for the Supporting business process.Question 2 – Test and Pilot StudiesBased on the discussion in step 7(see attachments below), describe how you would do a test or a pilot study before you go into full implementation in your project. Include the following elements:● The objective of the pilot study (what specific element are you testing in yourrevised process).● The scope (who will be involved, what will they do and how long).● How the results will be used.Question 3 – Contingency PlansBased on the discussion in step 9(see attachment below), discuss a back-out or a contingency plan that youwould adopt if your implementation does not go as expected. Include the followingelements:● What would be the specific issue that may cause problems in the implementation ofyour revised process?● What would be the plan of action for handling this issue?Assignment Requirements:>Cover page, “Discussion”(3 COMPLETE pp.), and Reference page=5 COMPLETE pages.(Nothing less then 5 pages!)>Analyze the pros and cons of all four implementation strategies and select the best fit.>Describe a test or pilot study.>Develop a back-out or a contingency plan.>Responses must demonstrate critical thinking and analysis and exhibit application of information.>Clear business writing: Spelling and grammar are acceptable. Effective use of APA. Follow the required format and instructions above!>3 sources in APA citation(Nothing less then 3, and it’s not necessary for more)>Font size: 12>Double-spaced(No spaces between paragraphs)>Lastly, but not least, NO PLAGIARISMIf you can’t adhere to these clear instructions above, please, do me a favor and don’t waste my time sending a handshake. Thank You.*Homework Field of Study: Business Process Management(BPM)If you don’t have expertise in this area of study please don’t waste my time sending a handshake.

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