Option #2: Employment Tests, Simulations, and Assessment Centers

Option #2: Employment Tests, Simulations, and Assessment CentersAs the staffing director at a large organization you will be presenting your staffing plan to ensure the best selection of candidates for positions that are vacant within the organization.  Choose your current job, a job you’ve had previously, or a job that you are familiar with. Then in your presentation, effectively discuss the following points:Assess the market for the position you have chosen.Discuss the complexities in recruiting for that position.Create a selection plan used to fill the vacancies of the job including consideration of employment tests and assessment centers. In particular, create a rubric/guideline that an organization could utilize to determine if/when they should utilize an employee test, and if/when they should utilize an assessment center.The presentation (PowerPoint or other presentation program) should be 7 slides, not including title or reference slides, and BE IN APA FORMAT  A minimum of three scholarly sources should be cited and referenced. Consider other industry/trade and government sources as well. Use the notes page for extensive talking points and to show an understanding of the topics.

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