Concert Review

Written concert Reviews 40 points: You are to view a music concert and submit a paper of each concert impression.  Concerts must be viewed during this term; As the pandemic has caused many performances to cancel, you may watch a concert on the web using sites like YouTube. Classical or Jazz concerts only, please see me if you are unsure. Concerts must be at least an hour in duration. Reviews will not be considered for grading if outside the genres of Jazz or Classical music.


VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE: You must submit a screen shot image as proof of attendance.  This is worth 5 points of your paper’s grade which will be deducted if missing, no exceptions. I’m more interested in quality than quantity within your paper along with your thoughts regarding the performance you attended.  Please have your work proofread as papers with poor grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. will lose points.  Plagiarized papers or portions thereof are grounds for failure.  Please cite quotes, using proper formatting (i.e., quotation marks and footnotes, if necessary.)

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