Flowcharts for Process

Select a process you perform daily, but would like to spend less time doing. In processes such as getting ready for work. Please do not just present two decisions you can take and summarize the outcomes or a task like how you would drive to work. I am looking for a more involved process that requires multiple tasks or steps that you could analyze how to improve the process.

Design a flowchart and provide written analysis by using any appropriate tool. This will show the steps.

Comment on the factors that affect the process design. At least three factors should be provided.

Identify at least one metric to measure the process. This is what you will track.

Describe which forecasting method(s) from the text that would be applicable. Explain how.

Discuss how one could manage this process by using PERT/CPM techniques.

Submit your flowchart for the process and the data collected at the end of the week by collecting data for the identified metric every day of the workweek. Present the data for the process over the days monitored.

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