Project Implementation Approach

Read the following scenario and address the steps that follow.

As an employee of a medium-sized company, you have worked on projects run by department heads with no formal project management training or education. Imagine you recently completed your first project management course. You have identified a process improvement project that, upon completion, will improve customer retention and help grow the business into a new market. As this is a process improvement project, there are many unknown factors, and the company possesses most of the expertise to complete this project. It is your goal to present this idea to your boss. Prior to doing so, you want to be prepared.

Use this scenario to address the following in 525 to 700 words. 

  1. Assess which development approach or life cycle best fits this project.
  2. Evaluate the 2 key documents in the initiating phase that you will develop. These documents can help you present this idea to your boss. You can apply what you learned in class to prepare many of the key documents to be considered in the initiating and planning phase. By doing this, you hope to answer your boss’s questions and concerns to help her decide to support and fund this project.
  3. Summarize 4 key deliverables that you would develop or deliver in the planning phase.
  4. Summarize 4 key deliverables in the executing phase that you would develop or deliver.
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