Describe levels of nurse informatics competencies.

Nursing Role and Scope.
Text Book: Role Development in Professional Nursing
Practice third edition. Kathleen Masters.
Chapter 14: Informatics and Technology in Nursing Practice
Here are the topic for this week discussion.
1. Describe levels of nurse informatics competencies.
2. Explain the privacy regulation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.
RN TO BSN program:
Sue E. Huether.
1. Joanna is a 2-year-old who presents the urgent care clinic with a transverse fracture
of the right tibia. On examination she is withdrawn and cries when touched by anyone other than
her mother. On radiographs she has had a previous fracture of the right tibia and of the anterior
ribs on the left. Her mother does not recall any accidents that would have produced these
injuries. What are the possible causes of her injuries and what evaluations should be performed?
1. Dan is a 20-year-old with plaque psoriasis. He reports that his father also had
severe plaque psoriasis throughout his life. Dan wants to know what causes this and what he can
do to make it less noticeable to others who dont understand the disease. What would you tell
1. Angela is 15 years old and has developed lesions on her face and upper chest that
appear to be both open and closed comedones. She is very upset as she is going to a party in a
week and wants to look her best. She wants to know what this is why she has it and how to treat

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