Electra and Ranger both have white coats but their son Trotter is pink! How is this possible?

Characteristic Dominant Gene Recessive Gene Horn texture Spiral (S) Smooth (s) Coat color White (C) Pink (c) Blood powers Magical (B) Non-magical (b) 1. Electra and Ranger both have white coats but their son Trotter is pink! How is this possible? Give the genotypes of both Electra and Ranger and show the Punnett square. 2. Forester does not have magical blood and he wants to make sure that none of his children have to go through the ridicule that he has gone through. What would the genotype of his wife have to be to ensure that all of his children have magical blood? 3. (a) Celestia’s genotype is cc. What is her phenotype? (b) Romper’s genotype is a carrier for coat color. What is his genotype? (c) What is the chance their son will be white? 4. (a) Elita has a spiral horn. What is her genotype? (b) Considering karyotypes don’t show genes and the cost of sequencing is prohibitive, what type of test can we do to determine Elita’s genotype? (c) If Chaser has a smooth horn and all of their offspring have spiral horns, what is Elita’s genotype? Show your work. 5. (a) Jumper is heterozygous for horn texture and homozygous dominant for blood powers. What is his genotype? (b) List the gametes that Jumper can produce. (c) Airy is homozygous recessive for horn textures and heterozygous for blood powers. What is her genotype? (d) List the gametes that Airy can produce (e) What is the phenotypic ratio of their children? 6. (a) There is a rare but terrible condition in which the horn isn’t formed. A missing horn (M) is an autosomal dominant condition whereas the presence of the horn is the recessive condition. Deva is heterozygous. What is her phenotype? (b) If she marries Cracker who is homozygous recessive, will any of their children have the condition? Show your work. (c) Will any of their children be carriers for this condition? Explain. 7. What is the phenotypic ratio for the mating of Stroller (CcBb) and Snowy (CcBb)?

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