Identify nursing interventions and teaching for patients with (a) anorexia , (b) bulimia and (c) binge eating disorder.

this is the remaining part of my assignment
each chapter question needs to cover 2 pages ( total 8 pages)
Chapter Question 5: Eating Disorders
• Compare and contrast signs, symptoms and specific treatments for anorexia, bulimia and binge eating.
• Identify nursing interventions and teaching for patients with (a) anorexia , (b) bulimia and (c) binge eating disorder.
Chapter Question 6: Abuse/Assault
• Identify and give examples of five areas to assess when working with a person who has experienced abuse
• Discuss the importance of a safety plan and identify at least 4 important components.
• Identify at least five guidelines for nursing interventions related to sexual assault
Chapter Question 7: Cognitive Disorders
• Compare and contrast the clinical picture of delirium with that of dementia and discuss nursing interventions for both.
• Compare and contrast Major Neurocognitive Disorder Mild Severity; Moderate Severity and Severe Severity in terms of (1)Clinical Presentation (2) Emotional impact on family (3) pharmacological and psychosocial treatments in treatments
Chapter Question 8: Child Adolescent Disorders
• Describe the diagnostic criteria and behaviors for Autism Spectrum Disorder
• Compare and contrast Conduct Disorder and Oppositional Defiant disorder
• Discuss the following treatment modalities in child psychiatry: Behavior Therapy, Play Therapy, Family Therapy,
and Bibliotherapy.
• List and describe the techniques for managing disruptive behavior in children. (Refer to Box 11-3, pg. 195);
include a discussion of comfort and feeling rooms, and the kinds of equipment that will be found in each. (Refer
to Quiet Room p. 187).
please help to make A on this paper, I really need it.
I hope u have my text book info.
Foundations of psychiatric mental health nursing: A clinical approach 7th
by Margaret Jordan halter
if u need anything, email me.

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