In what ways does culture influence stereotypes of beauty?

Question 5
Abnormal Psychology w5
Only 1-2 paragraphs are needed
Question A
One factor that has been tied to anorexia is cultural influences. It is argued that the culture in the United States is one focused on being unrealistically thin. Other cultures have different representations of what type of body shape is attractive. Read the article about eating disorders in Fiji and the information presented in the book. Answer the questions: In what ways does culture influence stereotypes of beauty?
Why does the disease predominantly affect women as opposed to men? If culture is a primary reason for anorexia, why is only 1-5% of the population affected by it? What treatment methods do you think are most effective? How does sociocultural influences, psychological issues, and age affect the various treatment approaches for eating disorders?
Question 6
Abnormal Psychology w5
Factors Leading to Substance Abuse
Based on chapter 10, write a 2 page paper describing factors that contribute to substance abuse and the types of treatment available. Briefly describe the, genetic, psychological, and sociocultural factors involved with substance abuse. Summarize how the cognitive behavioral approaches of aversion therapy, covert sensitization, skills training, and reinforcements can be utilized in the treatment of substance abuse.
Your paper should be double-spaced and in 12 point font. Use APA formatting.
Question 7
W5 Discussion “Human Right to Health Care Debate”
Introduction to Sociology II
Human Right to Health Care Debate
Read pages 38-41 in Chapter 2 and explain how each of the three major perspectives (Structural functionalist perspective, Conflict perspective and Symbolic interactionist perspective) explains/views illness and healthcare. Please write your explanation of each perspective in a separate paragraph and following those three paragraphs write a paragraph explaining which of the three you align with or identify with the most strongly and why.
Question 8
Introduction to Sociology II
Your Community’s Scorecard
Visit the website, and enter the zip code 38756 Mississippi of your primary city or county of residence (or where most of your family lives).
View and take notes regarding your community’s pollution report card. Note the top polluters in your county, top chemicals, and any Superfund Sites. Note the Smog and Soot reports and air pollutants that cancer and other health risks. Note water quality and animal waste in your county. Note the environmental justice report in your county, including factors related to distribution of environmental burdens in your county such as race/ethnicity, income, poverty, childhood poverty, and education.
In at least 500 words, create a report that you could present to members of your community that addresses all the issues mentioned above. This report should present information from the scorecard, your assessment of social causes of these environmental problems, and your proposal for strategies of action to alleviate environmental problems in your community.
The report should be something that is easy to read and understand by members of the community, and should give specific suggestions for what people can do to correct the issues. Refer to Chapter 13 in the text for specific suggestions on responding to environmental problems.

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