Topics: critical race theory, racism, racism and academics

Topics: critical race theory, racism, racism and academics
To find these potential articles, you can search google scholar, one of the psychology databases (i.e. PSYC INFO), or look in a specific journal (i.e. Journal of Applied Psychology). MUST BE JOURNALS NO WEBSITES!!!
You will summarize 2 articles. You will read the article and then summarize the article in approximately 350 words or more. Remember, these summaries are to help you to remember the most important aspects of the articles so that you can integrate them into your Social Topic Paper at the end of the semester.
Make sure that you include: FOLLOW THIS
–           Title and authors of the article
–           Why the article was written (introduction), and what it attempts to find or answer (hypothesis section)
–           How it answers the question or questions it proposes (method section)
–           What the article found (results)
–           What the results actually mean (discussion)
Be careful to ensure that your answers to the above information make sense to you, as you will be relying on this information to write your paper and I eventually will be reading these. Make sure to explain any complex ideas in plain language, and don’t assume I as the reader know what you are talking about. Summarize these articles succinctly but yet thoroughly. Each Paper Article Summary must be at least 350 words for a total of 700+ words (each article should be 350 words a piece).

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