Who is the most important member of the health care team?

Module One Question

Module One Question: As part of this module please undertake the following activity and upload your answer into your e-Portfolio. Please remember that this forms part of your assessment for this unit. On returning from your tea break you are met by several staff members who relate the following information to you concerning your patients. i. Mrs Chew’s intravenous (IV) infusion has tissued, her IV fluids are running behind and she has missed her 14.00 hrs IV antibiotic. ii. Mr Smith’s visitor has fainted. iii. One of the staff toilets has blocked and is overflowing and waste is pouring out rapidly. iv. Mr Esposito is scheduled to leave the ward now for his cardiac catheterisation and he has still not received his preoperative medication. v. One of the surgical consultants (VMO) is waiting to discuss a medication error that happened last week. vi. As you are taking this handover, an elderly female post-operative patient collapses to the floor and is unconscious. She has had facial surgery. The other RN is busy with NUM role. Staff currently available on the ward to assist you in addressing these issues include: the ward clerk, an Enrolled Nurse who is currently undertaking her IV cannulation certificate but is not yet competent, and an AIN. ACTIVITY Using the above scenario: 1: In order of priority, identify which tasks you yourself will undertake and which tasks you will delegate. 2: Document your rationales in detail.Module 2 Questions ACTIVITY 2 Reading: The “MND Australia Fact Sheet on Multidisciplinary Teams” outlines professional groups who could make up a multidisciplinary health care team for a patient with motor neurone disease (MND). Please read this fact sheet, answer the following questions, and upload your answers on your e-Portfolio on LEO. This forms part of your assessment for this unit. 1. Identify factors that determine which healthcare professionals are required to be involved in a health care team? 2. Who should lead the health care team? 3. Who is the most important member of the health care team? 1. Complete Activity 2 and upload your answers onto your e-Portfolio. 2. Choose one case study and upload your answers onto your e-Portfolio. Please remember that this forms part of your assessment for this unit.
Please check the attached files and go through everything before you proceed. 1. make sure to match the in-text citation and the reference lists 2. I have also attached my fiend work please make sure to check it before you answer please do not copy but you can get an idea and make the story. 3. I will add most of the references that will be needed to do this work but if you want to find it extra please find but not older than 2009. 4. Please look for additional instructions and references
Consider the patient situation • What current information do you have on this pt? • What new information have you gathered? Collect Cues/Information • What further cues and information would be useful? Why? Process Information • What changes do you notice in the cues and information provided? • Which changes are significant for this patient and why? • What do you think these changes could indicate and why? • What could be the outcome of these changes? Identify Problems/issues • Given the facts that you have available and comparing those to what you think the changes could indicate/identify one potential patient problem/issue. Establish Goals • Describe what you want to happen. • Who do you want involved and what do you want them to do? • In what timeframe? Take Action • What nursing actions will you take? • What will be your nursing priorities? Evaluate Outcomes • What do you expect to achieve from the actions have taken? Reflect on Process and new learning • What have you learnt from this exercise?
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