week 4 assignemt

To process a request for information, you need to access the correct patient for processing. A master patient index (MPI) is a database of key information by patient, registered by a health care organization. If the MPI is used by a system, it is referred to as an enterprise master patient index (EMPI). Within the MPI/EMPI, sufficient information is retained to identify a patient, but it does not contain all information about a patient. The database uses algorithms to determine if a patient is already in the system and to avoid the creation of a duplicate. For each data element, there is a data dictionary with a definition, format for input, and system source of information.Using the MPI/EMPI Data Dictionary, also listed below,Review each patient record in your packet.Complete and submit the Master Patient Index Template for your assigned packet, also listed below.Note: You are only abstracting the information from one patient encounter.Complete the data dictionary information for the patients in your packet. The patient files are from the V-Lab patient records, and you are only abstracting the information from one patient encounter.

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