Adverse Childhood Experiences


The Score was 4

In this unit’s study, you completed the Adverse Childhood Experience  (ACE) Questionnaire. Your maximum score is a possible 10; however,  research shows that any score over three indicates risk for many of the behavioral and physical consequences related to ACE scores. You need not share your score, but discuss how you might use this tool in your future social work practice. Explain how you might use the five pillars of TIC with clients who have high ACE scores.

Your post should be 1015 sentences long.


Use your Applied Human Behavior in the Social Environment text to read the following:

  • Chapter 17, “Trauma and Abuse Influence on Human Behavior.”      
    • This chapter gives definitions of child abuse, neglect, and the  short-term and long-term consequences for the child and others involved  in the case, including post-traumatic stress disorder. It also  discusses trauma experienced as an adult, such as assault, rape, or  terrorism, as well as resilience as an alternative to negative outcomes  for children and adults.

Use the Capella library to read the following:

  • Bowie, V. (2013). . Youth Studies Australia, 32(4), 8183.      
    • This article introduces the adverse childhood experiences (ACE)  and goes on to describe trauma-informed care, which may be one of the  most important articles you will ever read as it prepares you to assess  your clients for issues that may not be seen in presenting problem.

Use the Internet to complete the following:

  • NCJFCJ. (n.d.). . Available from      
    • Complete this questionnaire to find your ACE score. You
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