Certification as a level 1 stroke center


3. Your hospital has applied for certification as a level 1 stroke center. It is critical that the following project is completed in 18 weeks, before the next Joint Commission survey. Project activity times are listed in the table below.

a) Draw the AON (activity-on-node) network diagram.
b) Identify all project paths. Which path is the critical path?
c) What is the project completion time and total project costs if only normal times are used?
d) Determine the minimum cost-schedule for this project to be completed in 19 weeks.
Assume a linear relationship between crash cost and crash time. For example, crash cost per week for activity A can be calculated as: ($900 – $500)/(5-3) = $200.
e) What is the difference in total project costs between the earliest completion time of the project using normal times and the minimum cost-schedule you found in part d?
Immediate Predecessors tn (weeks) cn tc (weeks) cc
A — 5 $500 3 $900
B A 6 $200 4 $650
C A 5 $600 3 $1,200
D C 3 $800 2 $1,200
E B, D 7 $1,500 5 $2,500
F B 5 $200 4 $400
G E, F 4 $400 3 $750


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