Ethical leadership (product defect)

(12 slides – Power point presentation) leader of an organization of your choice where a problem has occurred and from an ethical leadership perspective, develop solutions and a plan of action to correct the problem.

Consider the perspectives of Public Relations, Marketing Communications, Product Development, and Sales. As the leader of the organization what solutions would you recommend to communicate to the public, protect the company’s reputation, improve manufacturing, correct safety protocols and continue to meet sales objectives?
Use the four lenses of Ethics to frame your presentation. Look at the company’s responsibilities, their culture and the push for results, the relationships with customers and suppliers, and the resulting reputation.

1. Summarize the main issues, 2. Define the challenges each of the areas listed above are facing, 3. Bring forward solutions, 4. Analyze each possible solution through the four lenses of ethics, and 5. Describe your final plan of action.

Some companies to consider: Equifax and when computer hackers stole over 148 million identities from their database, Enron and the accounting scandal where they faked billions in profits, or Google facing $9.3 Billion in fines from the EU for antitrust violations.

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