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Respond to Jesus, Rebecca, Tykeisha, and Brittney responses.Jesus postThe main difference between the static and flexible budgets is that the first one has not changed even inf the volume of activity change. The change volume is the main source of the flexible budgets, in contrast the flexible budges show the revenues and cost to different levels of volume. For this idea the flexible budgets are considerate and extension of static or master budgets.Flexible budgets work for all kind of companies, I was working in backing for 10 years and I saw this kind of budgets frequently, nowadays I’m in the health industry more specific in the developed and test of drug transporting thousands of samples around the world. Carrier and Q2 Solutions uses these budgets to be able to offer and negotiate better prices depending on our volume of transportation which is based on studies needs. The advantages the flexible budgets offer to my job is having clear vision of how the price of transportation can be affected to different volumes because the revenue to the company depends on this, so if we have a deal whit a new pharmaceutics or a new specific study of drugs is acquired, we can estimate the volume of shipments and the price of the transportation giving us certainty of the possible revenue.Rebecca postWhen it comes to static and flexible budgets, the most significant difference is that flexible budgets can be altered at any time and therefore is, more flexible, where a fixed budget is predetermined and remains the same. A flexible budget is also more sophisticated as there are be different changes and activity levels to prepare. Static is easier to qualify as there is only one budget and fixed numbers. A business that would benefit most from a fixed budget would be an organization that deals with goods with fixed prices and transactions or government and educational organizations such as schools. At the same time, a flexible budget would be good for the fashion industry as these costs vary by venture and style. Most companies, in my opinion, would use a flexible budget because the amount of money coming into the companies varies by sales and other needs of the company as there are not many companies that sell things that are the same price and item. This would not make a very successful sales business.Tykeisha postTo determine a reasonable accommodation for a physically disabled employee, I would first want to know exactly what barriers or limitations does the employee have without violating their privacy. For an example, is there a limit on how much weight can be lifted or carried? Is so, equipment can be used to assist, such as a pull or dolly. Can the employee stand or sit for a prolong period of time? If not a modified work schedule can be used to ensure adequate breaks. Work schedules can also be modified to accommodate health related appointments.An example of an inappropriate accommodation would be for the employee to change or alter the production standards. If said disability causes the employee to fall short of the company’s production and performance standards, even with the proper accommodations; I would suggest a reassignment to a different department within the company. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) all employees are to be held accountable to the same standards across the board.Brittney postFirst, when a person with a physical disability is hired, they are supposed to ask for accommodations and have a conversation about it with the employer and them. We are assuming this has already been done, and depending on the physical disability, I would try and make their schedule flexible, if they had doctors’ appointments. See if I could get modified devices or equipment for them, to help overcome barriers. Or if the new hire could not stand for long periods of time, provide a stool or some type of chair so they could sit down. Reasonable, and appropriate accommodation should not cost the company, and depending on the type of disability it really is hard to tell which accommodation would be best suitable for them. It could simply be providing a ramp if they are in a wheelchair, providing a chair, putting them on light duty, or changing how the job essential functions are completed or done without replacing the essential functions. I would make sure they enjoy the benefits we offer them, and they have the best suitable accommodation we could offer to them, to make their job efficient.If they knew hire asked for me to lower production standards, or asking for more paid time off than others, I would say we cannot do this, we must be fair to all employees in our facility, but we have this accommodation for you that we think may be suitable, if not we have other accommodations as well. I would want them to know we are an equal opportunity employer, and that have to be fair to all employees, and cannot provide this accommodation, because we cannot give more paid time off to other employees, or act as if they are receiving special treatment. One resource that I would provide is the U.S Department of Labor, and the second resource is does your view of the importance of the liberal arts compare with that of Tatum and Angel post?What do you find of value in Tatum and Angel post understanding of the role of innovation in the liberal arts?Tatum postHello, my name is Tatum Florom. I am from a small town in Nebraska. I am studying to be a counselor. The importance of liberal arts to me means that you learn about technology, social skills, the education of history as well as culture. Liberal arts fit in my education because I have to learn all points of view. The impact liberal arts will have in continuing innovation will be big. Things will improve and it will get better and better for everyone. Everything will also be easier to use or do.Angel postHello everyone, my name is Angel I am 42 years old and perusing a degree in Computer Science. I currently work at a retail pharmacy where I have been a technician for a little over 7 years. I have a fixing to be 2-year-old son that I raise as well as a 5- and 6-year-old grandsons I help raise. Needless to say, my life is far from boring. Liberal Art is a big help in the career that I am perusing because it will help me how to solve problems using more than one point of view. It helps you learn how to look at many different perspectives. Wish everyone luck in this class as well as in the future.

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