Individual Project1 MGMT385

Using the following case from Chapter 2 of your textbook, write a paper of 800 -1,000 words or more using APA style and at least 2 references (one of which should be the textbook).
Seventh Edition
Customer Service  Skills for Success
Robert W. Lucas
Principal Robert W. Lucas Enterprises!/4/2/2@0:0

Face to FaceYou and Your New Job in Customer Service

You have assumed a new role in customer service at United Booksellers. The organization has been heralded for its high-quality service and friendly atmosphere. The facilities are nice, and the efficiency and helpfulness of the employees are notable. Each store has its own coffee shop where patrons can relax and read. The organization employs 3,000 people and provides extensive customer service training before employees are allowed to interact with customers.

Assignment Details

Answer the following questions in your paper:

Are there any indicators of United Booksellers service culture? If so, what are they?As an employee of United Booksellers, in what ways do you feel that you could contribute to the organizational culture?If you were a customer, what kind of service would you expect to receive at United Booksellers? Why?

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