Marketing Strategies

You will continue to write about the company you chose and the template from Week 1  and I have uploaded the pdf for week 1. Your submission should be approximately 2 pages long and use at least two credible resources. Research and make sure you read Chapter 12 in your book before reviewing the company’s website for information needed below:The Marketing MixProductDescribe the products (goods and services) this company offers. Note: Large corporations usually have numerous products. If this is the case, you can narrow them down to one.PriceDiscuss the pricing strategy of the company – are they premium priced?  Value priced? Does the company offer a range of products covering various price ranges?  Example: Toyota sells economy cars and luxury cars.PlaceExplain how and where this company sells its products.PromotionWhat is the main brand (or brands)?Briefly describe how this company advertises.Social Media MarketingIdentify and describe how this company uses social networks.Example: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.ConclusionSummarize and provide your overall opinion of this company’s marketing mix.If you were the marketing manager, describe one change you would make to improve the marketing strategy.Resources for this report:The company’s corporate website is going to be the main source of information.You should not copy/paste any parts of your report from a website on the internet.Provide a citation for any information that is not your own. For example, if you tell how many employees a company has, then include a citation for this data to let your reader know where you got this information.

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