Social Work in Education

Complete the worksheet by discussing social workers in the fields of education and criminal justice. Be sure to support your content with research and to cite your references below for each Part.
Part I: Social Work in Education
In schools within United States, there are numerous problems that social workers attempt to address. Choose seven of the nine problems outlined below:

1.    Discipline
2.    Violence
3.    School Shootings
4.    Drugs
5.    Gangs
6.    Cheating
7.    Harassment
8.    Teaching Values
9.    Assessing the Risk of Violent Behavior

For each of the seven problems you choose, explain how each problem presents itself in our schools and explain what the role of the social worker is and how they might be able to address the issue. Your answers should total 450-550 words for the seven problems.









Part II: Social Work in Criminal Justice
1.    What are the different roles played by social workers in the criminal justice system? Your response should be 200-250 words.

2.    Explain the key principles utilized by social workers in aiding offenders and their families. Your response should be 200-250 words.


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