yachting industry

YACHTING INDUSTRY§   Specifications and grading criteria for the Final Assessment:§  Customer Experience Journey analysis of yacht charter client.§  Map out and analyze the journey of a customer chartering a yacht. Please use the tools and formats introduced in the sessions of Mrs. Hammond-Smith, discussing the yacht charter market, and Mr. Brooks. Please keep in mind the lessons you learned in the introduction session with Prof. Klaus about the customer experience and the three CX-stages.§  The emphasis is to demonstrate to us that you understand the yachting industry from both, the client and provider viewpoint, the customers’ journey in the chartering process, and analyze how and where this journey can be designed in a better, more effective, and efficient way. The emphasis is to demonstrate the application of the knowledge we shared throughout the course with you.§  The report will be presented on 5 to maximum 7 pages (excluding cover page, references and appendices). The font being used is Times New Roman, font size 12, with a spacing of 1.5 lines). Please DO NOT use a ‘table of contents.’ Please name your file as follows First Name Last Name Yachting Elective CJM Final.doc/pdf.

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