Advanced Concepts of Project Management Methodologies


PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Analyze the Project Management Institute’s “Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct” for its validity in approaching ethical behaviors from the perspective of your project experiences and development of the methodology.

Your initial post should contain critical insights on the topic and be supported by relevant, peer-reviewed scholarly articles.



Beekun, R. I., Stedham, Y., Westerman, J. W., & Yamamura, J. H. (2010). . Business Ethics: A European Review, 19(4), 309325.

Use the Internet to read or explore the following:

  • Project Management Institute. (n.d.).
    • Assess your methodology and its processes for compliance with the code of ethics as well as ethics policies at your organization.
  • Hofstede Insights. (n.d.).
    • Within the site, you may gain access to YouTube presentations, explanations, and definitions of national culture, organizational culture, the dimensions of national cultures, countries and their national culture dimension scores, examples of applications of national culture to leadership, and organization culture definition and dimensions. Use the information you are finding to address multicultural issues in your methodology.

Optional Case Study Example

You may review the following case study related to project management, and if applicable, feel free to utilize it in the development of your course project:

  • Farlik, J. T. (2016). Project success in agile development software projects (Publication No. 10108921) [Doctoral dissertation, Capella University]. ProQuest Dissertations and Theses.

Optional Activities

Continue to search the literature for specific tools and techniques needed to develop the processes in your selected knowledge area. Review the appropriate chapter in the PMBOK Guide on the chosen area of focus for additional policies, procedures, tools, and technique ideas. Review relevant process groups and make the connection between the tools and techniques, and which process group they support. Also see page 61 in the PMBOK Guide.

Optional Readings

You may choose to read the following:

  • Siakas, K. V., Georgiadou, E., & Balstrup, B. (2010). Cultural impacts on knowledge sharing: Empirical data from EU project collaboration. Project Management Journal, 41(2), 2137.
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