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I love that cities are adding or changing transportation infrastructure to accommodate bicycles. It is such a great way to reduce noise and toxic pollution, and stretch the life of roadways. I have seen it work well for some sprawling cities as well.  There are a brave few that would ride the long paths between the city center and the neighborhoods. I have traveled the extensive bicycle path system in and around Tacoma Washington. It isn’t used much of the year due to rain in winter and fall but I was surprised to see how much it was used, even in some remote parts of the city.

Ayres Associates an architecture and design firm says roadway infrastructure longevity has been declining since vehicle weight, minimum maintenance, and traffic increase. A concrete road with proper maintenance can be expected to last 25 years before replacement, while an asphalt road is 18 years. This can vary by geographic location as extreme temperature differences can shorten the lifespan. I have been saying we need to do some research into alternatives to these two materials. 

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