short essay 1

In this reading, the author mentions a few unsung heroes of the Farmworkers movement.  I myself explain in the PowerPoint/Video lecture the importance of Dolores Huerta and Larry Itliong, individuals who are rarely talked about or given their rightful place in this important era. 

1. Address the reasons why you think these unsung heroes of the Farmworkers Movement have been and still are being negated their rightful place within the movement. When talking or learning about the Farmworkers Movement, why is Cesar Chavez always the first person associated with the struggle to come to mind?  Why is this problematic?

2. Staying on the topic of the farmworker struggle, what are your thoughts about the various ways those in the struggle actively and passively resisted against the various injustices grape growers were inflicting on their workers?  Which one do you find most interesting and do you think it was effective?

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