Stakeholder communications management plan


considering the 3 projects above to be developed concurrently, develop a stakeholder communications management plan.
Effective communication is one of the most critical aspects of any change initiative. This resource will help you to address key questions around your communication effort:
Key Questions
Who are the people who need to know about your change?
What are the likely concerns for each group?
How are you going to ensure they understand it?
What are the key points you need each group of people to know/understand?
How will you respond to them, to ensure you build a critical mass who support your change?

Stakeholder Analysis
A Stakeholder Analysis is a useful way to identify the people who need to know about the change and their likely concerns. The following is a brief guide to developing a Stakeholder Analysis, for a more detailed explanation, review the resources.
Step 1: Identify your Stakeholders
Use your guiding coalition to identify all those who can contribute to or are impacted by the change initiative. This can be achieved through a brainstorming activity. Cast your thoughts as widely as possible.


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