ACA Practice

You will be writing using APA (American Psychological Association) format for your papers in this course. This is also the format to comply with the department guidelines.  You will tutor yourself through this assignment on some very basic but important aspects of APA that need to be used in your papers. You can look an APA help guide online or use the supporting materials in our syllabus, or any other APA guide that you have access to as long as it is the most recent update version.  Below are just a  few of the ways you will need format your paper, organize it and cite the authors of your research in your paper. Answer the questions below then give the example of that APA guideline (for each question) and include what source you used.  An example means you will explain what the rule is first, then give an actual example showing the proper use of it as well. For example, once you explain how to format aTitle page in APA, you will create an actual title page for the example and include it in the assignment. These questions were taken from some of the most common mistakes students have with using APA in their papers. Do not miss out on the points for this assignment by not completing all these steps with Examples.

NOTE: If you had one of my classes before and you already completed this assignment, you will have to do it again, create new examples for your assignment otherwise Turnitin will flag it as plagiarized.

1- What are the rules for citing a direct quote from an author using APA in your research paper? What is the rule for reference with multiple authors?

2- What does it mean to paraphrase an author’s work and how would you cite this using APA?

3- When should you indent a quote from an author in your paper according to APA guidelines?

4- How should you format your title page using APA style guide?

5-How do you format your Reference page?

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