Any topic (writer’s choice)

Pick any character from the section of reading I have provided.  Evaluate the character’s nature and effect of his actions on plot and theme.

The following notes are provided by the teacher for what he is looking for.

1.  Read provided papers and ask yourself – How does author reveal character.
2.  Choose a character that stands out:
    a.  Moral nature
    b.  Influence – How doe they influence others and how does others influence them.
    c.  Symbolism
    d.  Purpose
3.  Plan your Analysis
    a. Write thesis
    b.  Gather support
          1. 3 quotations/ examples PER point (3 points)  Quotations can be part of a sentence, it doesn’t have to be the entire sentence.

Why did the character act the way they did?
What type of person is the character?  Likable or unlikable
How do other’s view the character?

They Why’s behind the character.

End of notes from the teacher

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