How to Write a Good Argumentative Essay: Logical Structure
Kwame Anthony Appiah, ed., Harriet Jacobs, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (Bantam Classic and Loveswept, 2004), ISBN-13: 978-0345478238) which is also available on-line at
 Your essay should answer this question:
You are to build and argumentative essay based on Harriet Jacobs, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl
 Your essay must be between 4 5 pages. (Please see the checklist below).
You must include 1 primary source documents to back up your argument and 1 secondary source document.
 Your essay must be MLA style and Times New Roman 12. Turnitin can only come back  the maximum 20% cited sources. If Turnitin comes back more than 20%, you will receive a 0 on your final paper.
1.     What is your purpose in the essay?  Does the essay fulfill the assignment?
2.     What is the tone of the essay?  How does the tone align with the overall purpose, the intended audience, and the context of the writing?
3.     Is your topic sufficiently focused?  What is the thesis statement?
4.     What assertions do you make to support the thesis statement?  How do you support these assertions?  What specific evidence do you provide?
5.     Are paragraphs arranged in an effective sequence?  What order do you use? Is each paragraph thoroughly developed?
6.     Is the introduction effective?  How do you engage the readers attention?

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