Explore AHIMA’s website () to find answers to the questions listed below. Submit the  as Microsoft Word document a


.1. When was AHIMA founded?

2. List the name changes that the association has undergone. In what year did the association change to what is today: the American Health Information Management Association?

3. Who is AHIMA’s current CEO & Board President?

4. List the available AHIMA credentials. Which of these would you prefer and why?

5. Identify the various membership categories. List at least 4 benefits of becoming a student member of AHIMA. What is the membership fee for students? Is this an annual or one-time fee?

6. What are AHIMA’s Vision and Mission?

7. What are AHIMA’s core values? How do you identify with the listed values? Why?

8. What resources does AHIMA offer for the current students enrolled in a CAHIIM accredited program (career planning, professional development, volunteerism?) Which ones would you use? 

Due DateMay 24, 2022 11:59 PM 

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