2 lengthy paragraph

1.read the PowerPoint and article attachment 

2. ask these questions


  1. Read the article, by the NAfMe organization (click on article 

 article link:    https://nafme.org/important-benefits-of-music-in-our-schools/

  • Choose one of the points made that connects to what we covered in class ( check PowerPoint). and Elaborate and explain how this connects to the content.
  • Choose one of the points made that is new information to you about the important benefits of music. Elaborate on this point especially in regards to impacting future (or current) children you will work with.
  • Choose one of the points made that would be most important to share with parents in your professional setting. Elaborate on why this would be important for parents to know for their child’s overall development and/ or well being. Is this something that they could reinforce at home
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