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You have had a relationship with archetypes since a young ageCarl Jung might argue this is true since your conception.  In fact, many childrens cartoons use archetypes as part of their humor (think of Tweedy Bird and Sylvester, Tom and Jerry, or The Simpsons).  Throughout this unit, you have identified common archetypes across ancient and modern texts and visuals.   

  1. Choose the ONE archetype you most relate to, recognize, and/or like. 
  2. Create a public service announcement that educates  your audience on the role of the archetype as well as persuades them  that your archetype is one of the greatestmost common, most powerful,  most dynamic (changes the most), most unique, etc.
  3. The guidelines for the LSA are below. 
  4. I look forward to your LSA!  Be as creative as you want!
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