W5 I


Course Objective IV: Analyze the current trends and manifestations of terrorism and the consequent challenges they pose for US national security policies.

Weekly Objective: Current Trends and Manifestations in Terrorism

One of the essential activities of the President is to receive a daily intelligence brief. Your task this week is to prepare one where you alert him on the most current threats and/or trends in terrorism.

A President’s Intelligence Brief (PDB) is a specialized type of speech, designed to exchange information or review important details.   A PDB needs to be concise, objective, and accurate. No quotations,  personal views, ideology, or suggestions are included. You simply inform the President on what is going on, where, and who the actors are. For this exercise, you may consult news sources to find current events.  Do feel free to ‘Google’ a PDB to learn how it is written.

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