4230 mod 6 quest


Chapter 10 Questions:

1) What are the characteristics of mentally disordered female offenders?

2) How and why do the mental health professionals and the custody staff differ in their views of mentally disordered offenders?

3) What are potential social sources of mental disorders?

4) What role does assessment play in this whole process of working with mentally disordered criminal offenders?5) Discuss potential intervention and treatment issues that need to be considered when working with this population.

Chapter 11 Questions:

1) What are the differences between culturally sensitive assessment and stereotype-based assessment?

2) Describe how distorted cognitions facilitate rationalization of prejudice and discrimination.

3) Describe a personal situation where you have been the victim of prototyping or you have been guilty of it yourself.

4) Differentiate between the deductive and the inductive cognitive process.

5) What can cause an offender to blame their victim?

6) Discuss the potential link between the media and prejudice.

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