PSY 101 Smarter Decisions Through Psychology Case Study 3

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Smarter Decision Making through Psychology
March 13, 2020

Using your problem solving and self and social awareness skill and the information that you learned in Chapter 7 of the webtext about brain plasticity and mindset, answer the questions below.

For each question, you should write a paragraph-length response (5–7 sentences) to receive credit for this assignment. You may use your Soomo webtext as a resource.

Question 1: What kind of mindset does Reggie need to embrace to be successful? (Hint: Page 7.6 will be a great resource for this question.)

Question 2: How does Reggie’s mindset affect his brain? (Hint: Page 7.6 will help you learn about mindset.)

Question 3: In Chapter 4, you learned about memory and how to effectively study. Using Chapter 4 in the webtext, what specific strategies should Gloria suggest to Reggie so that he will be prepared for the compliance test. Why did you select these strategies? (Hint: Page 4.15 has suggestions to improve your memory.)

Question 4: If Reggie were your coworker, what important aspects of the situation would you want to keep in mind when offering advice and strategies to him? Why do you think this is important?


1. D. G. Myers & C. N. DeWall. 2019. Psychology (6th ed.). Soomo Learning.

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