A panel interview is an interview in which

1. A panel interview is an interview in which

2. A case history is also referred to as

3. Video cameras and one-way mirrors in a room where assessment is taking place will typically prompt assessees to

4. Which of the following is TRUE of behavioral observation as a tool of assessment?

5. The ABAP Diplomate

6. Using CAPA, test users have the capability of

7. According to your textbook, when interviewing an eyewitness to a serious crime, a police psychologist might ask the interviewer to respond to a question

8. Your textbook lists several means by which motivational interviewing is conducted. Which is not one of those ways?

9. Testtakers differ in their approach to an assessment situation with regard to the extent that they

10. The Adjustable Light Beam Apparatus (ALBA)

11. What name is BEST associated with therapeutic assessment?

12. In the context of psychological testing and assessment, social facilitation refers to the presence of a third party and its effect

13. A psychologist licensed in Oregon may not accept a referral to evaluate a dying patient under the provisions of Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act

14. Which of the following is the term used for a variant of a language that has its own rules of structure, meaning, and pronunciation?

15. An approach to personality assessment that does not employ self-report methods is referred to as

16. During World War I, Robert Woodsworth and his committee developed a measure of

17. “If an expert claimed something that most other experts in the field would agree with, the testimony would be admitted into evidence.” This statement BEST applies to the admission of expert testimony into evidence as provided by which litigation?

18. Ability tests developed using samples of White testtakers cannot be used to track African-American students in the school system. This was the essence of the ruling in which of the following court cases?

19. The beginning of the group intelligence testing movement is best associated with

20. Which of the following terms BEST characterizes the relationship between the enterprise of psychological testing and the public during the 20th century?

21. According to Neil Krishan Aggarwal, culture influences

22. Sir Francis Galton measured each of the following EXCEPT

23. Who coined the term “mental test”?

24. Typically, when a Title VII charge of discrimination in the workplace is leveled at an employer, a claim is made that hiring, promotion, or some related employment decisions are systematically being made

25. Which of the following would be LEAST likely to be used as an item on a projective test of personality?

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