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Bradley Family Episode 2

Bradley Family Episode 2 Program Transcript

DOCTOR: Tiffany, what are you thinking?

TIFFANY: I was remembering being out on the street. I got in trouble for not make enough money. I don’t want to talk about it.

DOCTOR: That necklace is beautiful.

TIFFANY: Thank you. I think so. You really like it?

DOCTOR: Yeah, I do. I like your shoes, too.

TIFFANY: I like to shop. It makes me forget for a while, you know? You’re asking me to share my feelings about what’s going on, but it’s hard, you know. I’ve got so many feelings.

DOCTOR: Take your time.

TIFFANY: I miss Donald. I know I shouldn’t say that. He loved me, he really did.

DOCTOR: You also told me that he hit you and sold you to another pimp.

TIFFANY: Yes, but you don’t understand. The house where I was growing up, I never felt safe. My mother, she didn’t love me, not really. Like other girls I knew. There were other things, too. Someone in the family, he would abuse me sometimes. Nobody seemed to care, only Donald. He came along and he got me out of there. He was my boyfriend and he protected me.

DOCTOR: So you’re telling me all the positives he did for you, and how you felt safe with him and he loved you. Can we also talk about what you said he did that wasn’t so loving and kind? You were together for two years and there were a lot of things that happened during that time that weren’t very good for you. Can we talk about that?

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