Expository Essay On “How Has Social Media Affected Relationships”


Now that you have written the outline for your essay, it is time to write the first draft. Please access your resources through the resources tab, and then course materials. These resources can be found under “other.”

  1. Review the attached “Writing a Five-Paragraph Essay” resource to help guide you through the structure of a five-paragraph essay.
  2. Review the media piece The Writing Process to help you prepare your first draft.
  3. Review your outline feedback from your instructor to help you prepare your first draft.
  4. Write the first draft of your five-paragraph expository essay, which should be 750-1,000 words.
  5. Review the First Draft Rubric to help you make sure all elements are present in your essay. This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
  6. Review the attached “Essay Checklist” to help you review and make sure your essay includes the following:
  • An introductory paragraph with a thesis statement.
  • Three body or supporting paragraphs.
  • A concluding paragraph.
  • In-text citations and a reference page. (Remember to reference and cite any supporting information you are taking from your articles-if it is not your original thought, there needs to be a citation and reference.)



Name: Bradley Cordis


Date: August 26, 2017

Instructor: Nikki Squire

Expository Essay: Outline


1. Please review your Topic 3 readings and the “Planning and Getting Started” section of “The Writing Process” media piece.

2. Fill in the outline and references sections below. Make sure to use complete sentences when completing the outline.

Note: There is an example outline provided in Course Materials to help further guide you if needed.

Expository Essay Topic: how has social media affected relationships
Essay Title:

(Begin with a hook sentence to capture your audience’s attention, then provide a brief background of the topic and end with your thesis statement.)

a. Hook: social media has indeed affected human relationships in a positive or a negative through a number of ways.

b. Additional background information: Recent technologies such as social media networking sites have been accused to alter the way people communicate and the interaction we get with face to face communication. Social media affects the way people interact and communicate.

c. Mapped Thesis statement ( review Topic 3DQ1 for feedback from instructor ): Social media is a platform that can affect social relationships.


II. Support

Supporting Point #1 (subtopic 1): Effect of revealing images as facebook profiles on demographics and relationship status.___________________

a. Posting personal pictures on social media platforms such using a picture a profile picture on facebook is not good for social relationships.

· Supporting paraphrase 1: The behaviour of posting images on social media platforms such as facebook can affect social relations especially that of couples. This is because an individual can make a fake profile. According to Hetsroni (2017), the posted images such as images of attractive men or women can be a temptation to couples.

· Supporting paraphrase 2: According to Hetsroni (2017) more educated women tend to post their images on social platforms more than men do. This, in turn, leads to jealousy and negative self thoughts from men which in turn affect the social relationships.

b. Explain why this research is important to your audience (avoid 1st & 2nd person): This research is very important because it shows how social media can affect social relationships between human beings. For instance, from the example given above, men can easily be affected by what women post on social media platforms such as facebook.


Supporting Point #2 (subtopic 2): how overlap in facebook profiles affect relationship closeness____________________

a. Topic sentence for this second sub-topic: the use of social media by couples in agreement can lead to more close relationships between the couples.

b. Two to three paraphrased supporting details from your research with in-text citations

c. Supporting paraphrase 1: The couples will be aware of what has been posted on social media platforms and therefore openness in the relationship. Couples will be more open with the events happening while others will not anything related to family (Castañeda, 2015). This leads to trust and loyalty between the couples.

· Supporting paraphrase 2: facebook does not necessarily mean that it is the cause of problems with couples. The fact is, it depends on what the family or a couple chooses to post on facebook. Many people are willing to post on facebook not as showoff but just enjoying the social media platform (Castañeda, 2015).

d. Explain why this research is important to your audience (avoid 1st & 2nd person): this research is very crucial in explaining that actually social media platforms such as facebook cannot be a source of problems if well utilized. Instead, the social media platforms can be a source a strong bond or relationships between couples.


Supporting Point #3 (subtopic 3): how social media influences community discipleship____________________

a. Topic sentence for this third sub-topic: social media can be used as a source of interaction within the society and therefore promote society disciple ship.

b. Two to three paraphrased supporting details from your research with in-text citations

· Supporting paraphrase 1: social media is more of a society discipleship promotion platform. According to Williams (2015), active participants in the media create an interactive platform on social media platforms. This, in, turn promote social interactions within the society

· Supporting paraphrase 2: it is important to note that not all people on social media platforms promote discipleship. There exist various groups like those ghost groups, occasional social site visitors and active and interactive users (Williams, 2015). The active and interactive groups are the ones who promote society discipleship.

c. Explain why this research is important to your audience (avoid 1st & 2nd person): this research is very educative the audience. It teaches how social media platforms such as facebook can be used as society discipleship tool. This happens when members join social media platforms that are active and interactive platforms.


III. Conclusion: (Paraphrase your thesis statement, summarize main points, and make final remarks.)

a. Paraphrase thesis statement: social media can be useful and at the same time destructive.

b. Summarize main points: social media can have many benefits when well utilized. These include close human relationships, community discipleship, and many other benefits. On the other hand, it can be a source of human problems such as couple disagreements and community disintegration.

c. Final remarks: social media can be good and bad at the same time. It all depends on how an individual utilizes the platform to ether do bad or good things.



Castaneda, A. M., Wendel, M. L., & Crockett, E. E. (2015). Overlap in Facebook Profiles Reflects Relationship Closeness. Journal Of Social Psychology, 155(4), 395-401. doi:10.1080/00224545.2015.1008968

Hetsroni, A., & Guldin, D. A. (2017). REVEALING IMAGES AS FACEBOOK PROFILE PICTURES: INFLUENCES OF DEMOGRAPHICS AND RELATIONSHIP STATUS. Social Behavior & Personality: An International Journal, 45(6), 987-997. doi:10.2224/sbp.6004

Williams, M. (2015). COMMUNITY, DISCIPLESHIP, AND SOCIAL MEDIA. Christian Education Journal, 12(2), 375-383.



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