What are the advantages and disadvantages of working during college?

  •  Chapter 13 Class Participation
    Make  sure that you use complete sentences, college-level grammar and that you  have completely thought about your response.
  1. Compare and contrast the view of Burt and Paysnick of resilience  in the transition into adulthood with the descriptions of Joseph and  Claudia Allen on the challenges of becoming a competent adult.
  2. What are the predictors of “hooking up” in early adulthood?
  3. Can creativity be cultivated and how can it be accomplished? According to Csikszentmilhalyi, what is this called?
  4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of working during college?
  5. How do temperament and attachment in infancy relate to temperament and attachment in adulthood?
  6. Define consensual validation and matching hypothesis. How are they alike and different?
  7. Are males or females more likely to seek a divorce? Why?
  8. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having children later in early adulthood
  9. Your textbook states that middle adulthood is a period of balance in gains and losses. Explain this statement and give examples.
  10. Discuss the effect of high blood pressure (hypertension) on the brain.
  11. List the aspects of intelligence which tend to peak and decrease in middle adulthood.
  12. How does the effect of a high level of religious commitment and  spirituality compare to eating fruits and vegetables and taking statin  furs for cardiovascular disease?
  13. Darrel has worked hard and retired at age 55. He spends his time  tending a garden, traveling, and meeting his buddies for coffee on  Thursday mornings. He avoids contact with his children and grandchildren  since they are bothersome to his relaxed lifestyle. When asked to  participate in community projects he declines saying he doesn’t have the  time for such things. He watches re-runs of his favorite shows and pays  no attention to news programs.
    • How would Erikson classify Darrel and what would he predict concerning late adulthood?
  14. What is the social clock? Is there intergenerational agreement concerning the social clock?
  15. What is the effect of the empty nest on the marital relationship?
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