HISTORY-Analysis Of Jonathan Spence’s Emperor Of China: Self-Portrait Of K’ang-Hsi


All assignments must follow the guidelines below:

·         Cover page (with title, course name, student name, submission date, professor name)

·         Font (Times New Roman 12pt)

·         Page numbers (bottom centre of page)

·         Double-spacing

·         Proper citations, including:

Ø  Footnotes & Bibliography (not in-text references, “works cited”, etc.)

Ø  Chicago/Turabian style and formatting

·         Word count (within ~10% of requested length; penalties apply if over or under)

·         File format (Submitted online content must be in Microsoft Word (DOC and DOCX); Corel WordPerfect; HTML; Adobe PostScript; Plain text (TXT); Rich Text Format (RTF); Portable Document Format (PDF); or OpenOffice (ODT) – online material in other formats will not be accepted and will be considered late)


A 1000-word (maximum) analysis


Consider how Kangxi’s emotions and experiences shaped his policies and practises and how imperial policies and practises guided his outlook and feelings.


Write a essay with a strong central argument that answers the question: Did personal contingencies define governance or did imperial traditions dictate decisions in the Kangxi era?


Your response must include specific examples from at least two sections of the book (i.e. “In Motion”, “Ruling”, “Thinking”, “Growing Old”, “Sons”, and “Valedictory”)


You do NOT need to do outside research. Remember: Brevity is an art.

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