Critical Perspectives on Global Politics

Seminar Questions Week 2: Race | Critical Perspectives on Global Politics




Learning Portfolio Task 1

Complete the following reading notes for the essential reading,


Reading Title:


Read Chapter 11. H. L. T. Quan “Its Hard to Stop Rebels That Time Travel”: Democratic Living and the Radical Reimagining of Old Worlds,” in Futures of Black Radicalism.


Key Words:




Research Question:







Summary of Argument:









Core Arguments:













































Learning Portfolio Task 2


Please answer the following questions. Some of them might require you to do additional research, using the essential, further reading or your own research.


1) Do you think celebrities play an important role in shaping our understanding of race at the national or global level? Can you think of an example (from the reading or your own)?








2) Do forms of slavery still exist? Can you think of an example supported by evidence? (bonus/ optional question) how can we understand modern slavery through racial capitalism?








3) Who is C. L. R. James? And how might his ideas have shaped Global Politics? (Research some information on his life etc.)

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