DF #2: “Is Partisan Media Exposure Bad For Democracy?

DF #2: “Is Partisan Media Exposure Bad for Democracy?”

NOTE: There are THREE authors in this assignment, which means you should have a third column for Author C. That said, you still only need a total of 10 items across the three articles.

Contrasting Views Ideas Lists: There are four pairs of articles that you must read during the quarter for this exercise. As you read the work of each author, please identify the five (5) most important ideas that each person makes in their respective piece. Yes, you get to choose them. Post your list in the proper discussion forum. Also, please make sure that you take the authors’ words verbatim – don’t interpret or paraphrase anything here. Every item needs a page number.

Last Name of Author A Last Name of Author B


-Idea 1 (p. __) -Idea 1 (p. __)


-Idea 2 (p. __) -Idea 2 (p. __)


-Idea 3 (p. __) -Idea 3 (p. __)


-Idea 4 (p. __) -Idea 4 (p. __)


-Idea 5 (p. __) -Idea 5 (p. __)


*Please note that if you do not post by the stated due date and time, then the most you can earn is half credit: 5/10 points.

Contrasting Views Compelling Position Paragraphs: After you have read the pairs of articles and made your lists of ideas, please write a detailed paragraph that explains which position (i.e. which author) you find more convincing and why. You must make reference to two (2) separate points that author makes in his or her piece. Note: Do not make any references to the other author here. These paragraphs should be seven to ten plus (7-10+) sentences long and must include parenthetical citations (p. __) for all brief quotes (yes, brief – I don’t want to see any long quotes here; paraphrase as much as possible) and any major ideas that are not yours.


Post Rubric

+0-4 points for explaining the author’s first argument/piece of evidence

+0-4 points for explaining the author’s second argument/piece of evidence

+0-2 points for organization, clarity, and grammar

*Please note that if you don’t post by the specified due date and time, then the most you can earn is half credit: 5/10 points.

Lastly, you are never graded on your opinions, rather how thoroughly you articulate ideas in the excerpts.

Contrasting Views Position Responses: Read over what your classmate’s posted and reply to two (2) people of your choice (yes, this includes me if/when I ask a question). It’s okay if you end up replying to the same person twice. What you write should reference specific details in your peer’s work and offer a meaningful point that draws on the content from the article(s). Ask questions. Your posts should advance the conversation, not rehash your original paragraph. In short, “Great post, Tim! I totally agree with everything you said,” is NEVER acceptable. Your retort should be at least four to five plus (4-5+) sentences long.




DISCUSSION FORUM #2: Opens Friday, 10/11 at 12 AM and closes Thursday, 10/17 at 11:45 PM

Topic: “Is Partisan Media Exposure Bad for Democracy?” from The Enduring Debate. The articles are posted on Canvas.

Note: This forum has three different articles. Only pull a total of ten ideas across all three (not five from each).

List and Paragraph: Post by Sunday, 10/13 at 11:45 PM or the most you can earn is 5/10 points on each of them, i.e. half credit.

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